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calendar icon7/21/2015

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calendar icon2015-07-21

Eternal Materials – 50 Years of Quality Chemicals

This past year Eternal Materials Co. celebrated its 50thanniversary and was recognized for providing quality chemical products, industry development, and an intentional business model. Eternal Materials is one of the largest manufacturers in the world and specializes in UV curable monomers, oligomers, specialty products and custom formulations. Their materials are applied to many industries including: energy, transportation, inks, graphic arts, wood coatings, construction, furniture, electronics, packaging, printing, medical, and machinery.

calendar icon5/27/2015

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calendar icon2015-05-27

Polyaspartic Resins Deliver Durable Coatings

Aal Chem now carries polyaspartic ester polyurea resins that work as a reactive partner with polyisocyanates to create two component polyurea/urethane clear coats.

Polyaspartic resins blend well with isocyanates for a stronger, more durable finish. The noted features they provide exterior coatings are weather and yellow resistance, zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and fewer coats need be applied providing greater efficiency. End-users find freedom in a fast dry time, and it can be easily applied with regular equipment even though it has a high solid content. Added advantages of using polyaspartic esters is the flexibility to design the reactivity to accommodate for batch mixing and application, control over the cure rate when added to aliphatic coatings, and the ability to change the reaction time to extend the pot-life. Basically, it can be customized to the needs of the application. The five polyaspartic ester polyurea resins in the series are detailed below.

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calendar icon3/19/2015

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calendar icon2015-03-19

Environmentally Friendly Chemicals - Think Spring and Go Green

With spring upon us, we've been thinking green. As consumer concerns grow, companies are under increasing pressure to develop environmentally safer and friendlier products. Our customers come to us looking for solutions to be more conscious of the environment without sacrificing the integrity of their products. For instance, a mix of PCBTF (our Oxol-100) along with methyl acetate can create zero VOC paints.

Did you know that some of our suppliers offer non-hap, low VOC, waterborne, as well as other products that are environmentally friendly or considered green?

calendar icon3/18/2015

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calendar icon2015-03-18

meet our supplier: acrylic resin manufacturer shanghai pioneer

Supplier Shanghai Pioneer (PSA) is the largest acrylic resin manufacturer in Asia for coatings. With strong R&D capacity, PSA is excellent in custom tailored formulas and scale up production for innovative and specialty products for our customers. Applications for their products include: paints and coatings, marine and automotive, architectural and industrial, adhesives, inks, clothing, ceramics, everyday household items, and other various industries.

calendar icon1/30/2015

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calendar icon2015-01-30

ethyl 3-ethoxy propionate (eep) is ideal for coatings

With its slow-evaporating capabilities, ethyl 3-ethoxy propionate (EEP, CAS No. 763-69-9) is an ideal ether-ester solvent for a vast range of coatings. EEP can be used as a solvent retarder in high-performance bake and air-dried coatings.