Distribution Network

Our Slogan Says It All: "Peak Solutions. Delivered."

From coast to coast, our strategic network of sales specialists and distribution facilities allows us to rapidly meet the chemical product needs of our customers and offer next-day delivery to most U.S. locations.


With headquarters located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Aal Chem owns four warehouses (including HAZMAT facility) in Michigan, and South Carolina with a combined capacity of almost 200,000 square feet.


Aal Chem has facility usage agreements that provide us with 18 public warehousing and distribution facility space in 14 states. This helps us meet our goal of providing next-day delivery to most locations in the country.


On average we import more than 1,000 shipping containers of chemicals into the country every year, with a stellar record of complying with US. customs regulations and maintaining our C-TPAT Certification.


On average Aal Chem moves about 4 million pounds of chemicals arriving overseas at U.S. ports every year to its network of shared warehouses located strategically around the country.

Warehouse Locations & Sales Specialists

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Moving more than 2,000 tons of chemical products from major sea ports to our shared network of warehouses with a combined capacity in excess of 1.7 million square feet.


Aal Chem has over 1.7 million square feet of available storage space in 14 different states, allowing us to maintain an efficient distribution system for the qickest delivery of your needed chemical products.


Aal Chem owns a HAZMAT facility, analytical laboratory, and has almost completed construction of a blending facility, all of which help us safely and efficiently deliver the most specialized chemicals.


Nine Aal Chem sales specialists, with intimate knowledge of the specialized needs of our core customer base, stand ready to assist you with your unique chemical product needs.


Aal Chem safely and efficiently delivers more than 2,000 tons of chemical products to its customers across the U.S., and maintains a large inventory to ensure prompt service.


Aal Chem headquarters is proudly located in Grand Rapids, MI, with service provided by a dedicated team of more than 50 employees.