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calendar icon2014-10-28

protect against corrosion with zinc phosphate

Zinc Phosphate is a principal raw material that gives paints and coatings anti-corrosive properties. Originally, zinc phosphate was used as a non-toxic alternative to zinc chromate and red lead. It is used in anti-corrosive paint primer systems, especially those based on solvent borne Epoxy-Polyamide, Chlorinated rubber, Alkyd and Polyurethane resins and water based systems. Delaphos is the only zinc phosphate producer in the UK. They offer the purest white phosphate with no yellowing and high opacity in the following four grades:

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calendar icon2014-10-20

Nitro Quimica Offers Environmentally Friendly Nitrocellulose

Nitrocellulose is used in various industries as a fast-drying synthetic resin. Manufacturing nitrocellulose can be a dangerous process because it can easily explode if not properly handled. Our new supplier, Nitro Quimica has become the most technologically advanced nitrocellulose plant in the world. They are the only nitrocellulose producer that is certified by the National Association of Print Inks Manufacturers, and they offer the highest renewable raw material level in the industry. 

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calendar icon2014-07-23

Reduce Waste with Methyl Acetate

If you are looking for a fast evaporating solvent with a mild odor, look no further than methyl acetate. It is commonly used for industrial cleaning and surface preparation, as well as an active solvent for coatings and ink resins. Methyl acetate’s main users include the paint, coatings, automotive, cosmetic, and textiles industries. Additionally, it can be used as an alternative to acetone. 

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Highlights from Booth #948 at the American Coatings Show 2014

Thank you for joining Aal Chem at the recent American Coatings Show in Atlanta, Georgia. See below for some highlights taken place at booth #948, including the unveiling of PHASE I of the 1971 Dodge Challenger remodel. 

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calendar icon2014-03-19

Sneak Peak of the 2014 American Coatings Show Aal Chem Booth #948

With the 2014 Amerian Coatings Show just a few weeks away, we are working hard to wrap up our last efforts before heading down to Atlanta, Georgia. Below gives you a sneak peak of what we have planned for Aal Chem's booth space - booth #948.