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AMI: Custom Intermediate Bulk Containers and Agitator Systems

Aal Chem is now partnering with American Machining Inc. to act as their company’s sales team for all products and services.

American Machining, Inc. (AMI) began in 1979 and has been providing manufacturing services to the chemical industry for 37 years. AMI’s years of experience have made them a reliable and innovative name in the container, agitator, and valve industry. American Machining, Inc. can manufacture custom designs within any of these areas and also provides container and machinery repairs, parts, cleaning, and inspections.

Paints & Coatings

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calendar icon2016-02-16

Carbon Black Pigment from Black Diamond

Carbon black pigment is highly effective and used in paints and coatings, synthetic leather, printing inks, plastics, and even adhesives and sealants. It is available in either a fine powder form or bead form.

Our supplier, Black Diamond, is one of the top carbon black pigment suppliers in the world. The 
company’s products are sold in over 70 countries and they are a key influencer and developer of China’s carbon black pigment standards. Black Diamond holds nearly 20 patents and boasts over 10 years in the carbon black pigment industry. Their facilities have a production capacity of 15,000 MT and the company is in the process of expanding and building a new facility.

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calendar icon2016-02-15

Organik Kimya: Polymer Emulsions & Specialty Chemicals

Organik Kimya is a chemical manufacturing company that was founded in 1965. With its headquarters in Turkey, the company also has plants in the Netherlands and provides chemicals to customers in over 85 countries. They operate state of the art production facilities that are able to produce an annual capacity of 250,000 metric tons. The company has a particular focus in polymer emulsions and specialty chemicals. Within these specialties, they provide Acrylics, Styrene Acrylics, Vinyl Acrylics, and Redispersible Powders. Organik Kimya is known for its quality solutions, large production capacity, and strong R&D teams.  The company uses these characteristics to provide effective and environmentally responsible chemicals to an ever changing market. Organik Kimya’s strongest product lines include Wood Coatings, Cement & Construction, and Paints & Coatings.

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CQV - Pearlescent Pigment Product Line

CQV Co., Ltd., is a Korean based supplier that specializes in the manufacture and development of effect pigment technologies. Formerly  known as Engelhard Korea, part of the Mearl/Engelhard Corporation, CQV was established after the purchase of Engelhard by BASF in 1996 and has been supplying the global effect pigment market  ever since. CQV products were previously distributed through Sun Chemical under their private label, but is now sold under the CQV brand of products. CQV is considered by many multinational companies as a reliable partner that prides itself onstate of the art R&D and technical support.

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The Versatility of Silane: Attributes and Applications

Silane, also known as monomeric silicone, is a versatile compound that is often a key component in tweaking chemical formulas to achieve ideal results. Used by a range of industries, some of silane’s most widely utilized attributes include: coupling ability, adhesion promotion, water repellence, and crosslinking.


Main Silane Attributes

Coupling Ability: Silane coupling agents create a bond between inorganic material and organic material. The chemical components in silane reinforce the bond between the two materials by creating a water resistant seal between them. Silane coupling is ideal for blending or coating materials like metal, glass or fiberglass with organic rubbers or polymers.