The World of Polybutene


For the chemists in the house, Polybutene is -[-CH2-CH(CH2CH3)-]n-.  For the rest of us, from lip-gloss to pigeon deterrent, Polybutene is a hydrocarbon polymer typically used as an adhesive component.  With no color or odor and a lack of toxicity, Polybutene is a perfect lubricant, plasticizer or adhesive element. It is particularly flexible and resistant to temperature changes making it perfect for road construction products such as asphalt and rubber.

In smaller product use, it offers a replacement for high end oils that soften sun-screens and deodorant.  Because of this softening element, it is used to improve the shelf-life and quality of several cosmetic products such as mascara and eye shadows as frequently as it is used as an additive for engine oils and lubricants.  The addition of Polybutene to engine oils and gasolines assists with the prevention of sludge build-up to help vehicles run smoother and last longer.  

It is likely that most households and businesses use Polybutene inclusive products every day.  Sealant and caulking relies on it for texture and rubberization, paint and coatings include it for texture, and every day products such as first aid and surgical tape items rely on the improvement to adhesive properties.  The range of uses for this product is only one reason for the increase in demand over the last five years.  It is also comforting to know that such a flexible and inexpensive product is safe for the environment.  It is neither bioaccumulative nor an environmental toxin and as a pesticide, it's effectiveness is dependent not on poisons, but texture.  Particularly effective to deter birds and rodents, it is blended to a tacky stage and piped or sprayed on to structures where birds can sit or roost.

  • Filling Compounds
  • Putties
  • Anti-corrosion materials
  • Paints
  • Bitumin
  • Inks
  • Masonry Coatings

In a metallurgic environment, Polybutene provides tremendous value to extrusion of aluminum, steel and copper.  It's ability to maintain stable properties at extreme temperatures means that during treatment it depolymerises.  This prevents pitting, stains or deposits which is significant improvement in time, money and productivity over mineral oils.  

For more than fifty years the stability and the wide variety of viscosity and molecular weights available has made this a 'go to' product for countless industries. Aal Chem carries Polybutene weights in a variety of quantities, depending on your viscosity/molecular weight requirements. If you have a Polybutene grade you'd like Aal Chem to offset, please click here to request more more information.